Our Interior Guard Rails in Columbus, OH, Offer More Protection

You should never have to choose between safety and sophistication. That’s why Able Fence of Columbus, Inc. offers the best of both when it comes to our interior guard rails. In Columbus, OH, we design, build, and install guard rails that keep your workers and guests safe without sacrificing your property’s hard-earned beauty. A guard rail made by our craftsmen looks and performs according to your high standards.

No elevated hallway, walkway, or platform is complete without a walkway, so if your property doesn’t have one yet, let our fencing contractors have the honor of creating yours – custom. We specialize in building fences and rails for commercial, industrial, and public spaces, and we work hard to ensure each of the products we create offer the very best of form and function, regardless of their purpose.

Why Guard Rails Matter

Imagine a traditional staircase without a hand railing. A staircase like that would not only be inconvenient to navigate, it would inevitably cause an accident that could have been prevented – especially if it is tall. If you would never allow such a dangerous addition to your business, you likely feel the same about guard rails, which play the same role in keeping elevated walkways safe.

Anyone who owns a shop, warehouse, or public attraction that features open stair landings must have guard rails installed to ensure the safety of their workers and guests; this, in turn, helps the property remain OSHA compliant. Reach out to our contractors today to find out whether your building requires an interior guard rail system, or if not, find out how your building can benefit from one nevertheless.

Made-to-Order Rails

For many buildings, commercial and industrial guard rails are must-haves per local, state, or national regulations. However, even if you don’t have any say in whether or not you install them, you do have a lot of say in what they look like. Able Fence of Columbus, Inc. can create your rails from many different materials, and in many different styles, in order to complement your property’s existing scheme.

Contact our contractors to find out more about your options for custom interior guard rails. We proudly Columbus, Ohio, and nearby communities.