Electric Gate Operators in Columbus, OH, Offer Safety & Convenience

No fence is complete without a gate. After all, gates allow entry and access to your property, making it easier to route employees, customers, and contractors. However, it also puts more power in your hands, enabling you to keep unwanted visitors and intruders away from your property.

For many, the most practical way to maintain a gate is with an electric gate operator. In Columbus, OH, anyone with an electric gate operator can manage and monitor property access. Turn to Able Fence of Columbus, Inc. if this prospect sounds appealing to you. Our detail-oriented team of fence contractors is prepared to design and install the perfect set of electric gates to complement your project.

Many Styles Available

A fence gate is one of the first landmarks that passersby use to identify your home. To make a lasting impression on all of your visitors, it’s well worth your time to choose a gate that makes a statement. Our contractors offer a variety of fence gate styles to match complement your existing fence, or one of our own. All of our fence gate materials are strong and built to last.

Looking to add your own unique flair to your project? Our design specialists would be happy to help you create a custom fence gate that matches your vision, even if it’s not the same material as the fence itself. You have the freedom to choose the material of your fence gate as you see fit.

Choose Professional Installation

In many cases, property owners struggle when it comes to deciding the height of their gates, an all-important facet of their design. Contemporary designs usually have the gate level with the fence it rests upon, but designing your fence gate to be taller than the fence offers additional privacy.

With more than 30 years of experience, our electric gate installers have helped many local clients bring their gate designs to life. Whether you prefer the gate to have a smooth transition or have it stand out, our crew will create a unique design that will complete your vision.

The Protection You Deserve

Security gates are essential to keeping your valuables and costly properties secure. Our contractors have experience building various kinds of security gates, including estate gates, commercial access control gates, and old-world wine cellar gates. We also specialize in automatic gates. Automatic fence gates are ideal for businesses because they can be operated with minimal effort.

Contact our skilled electric gate operators today to discuss your order with professionals that care. We proudly serve Columbus, Ohio, and nearby communities.